Pandora’s Hope: Aia nô i ka nânâ `ana
(We’ll see what the future brings)

A documentary short about the hidden side of paradise.
Kauai. Where science and nature collide.
Produced & directed by Kit Farrell (19:52)


Pandora’s Hope reveals a side of Kauai, Hawaii, rarely seen by the millions of visitors who come seeking paradise on earth. It’s an important and surprising film shining daylight on secretive corporate & government scientific research; genetic modification in agricultural and biological organisms (GMOs); growing trends in open source science; and the urgent need for transparency and ethical responsibility, not only on Kauai, but worldwide, to protect the planet and everyone on it.



News Update
Pandora’s Hope will be screening at FlixxFest Film Festival, a secure online festival, from April 11 to May 10, 2015. In addition to the “Best of Genre Award”, Pandora’s Hope is also in competition for the “Audience Award” and the “Best of the Fest Award” to be announced at the Festival’s conclusion for the 2015 Season in December. The “Best of Genre Award” will be decided by a panel of judges, while the “Audience Award” and the “Best of the Fest Award” will be determined based on attendee votes. The films with the most audience votes in these two categories will be selected as the winners. Please check back for details on how to vote as the festival begins on April 11.

Kit Farrell is in production on a feature documentary exploring the scientific, moral, and ethical implications of transgenic experimentation. She is seeking scientists and research clients willing to share their experiences. Read more here